Professor Robert C. Hudson demonstrates a technique


In the end, satori (self-realization) or even self-defense skills can be had one way and one way only: Training! Professor Okazaki, the founder of Danzan Ryu, referred to this as shugyo (austere training), a classical term used to emphasize what it takes to attain the higher goals and ideals of the martial arts. The name of my dojo, Halau O Ho'Omana, was chosen not only to honor the Hawaiian Islands where the founder created his style, but also to address the inherent higher nature within all people that makes possible such lofty ideals as self-perfection and martial art mastery. The name of our school refers to the special place where we go to discover, develop and integrate our higher nature and abilities. All classes and events have the goal of self-development that leads to satori (self-realization), which is nothing other then coming to know and be in touch with our highest and truest inner nature.

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To learn more about these training opportunities or for information on joining Halau O Ho'Omana Dojo in Tempe, Arizona, please contact Prof Hudson at 480-686-6118 or for further details.

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