Professor Robert C. Hudson demonstrates a technique

Intensive Details

The intensive will be structured different then many of the regular clinic and seminar settings we have in the AJJF. We normally have several instructors teaching several classes over a weekend as an example. Now, this environment is great and has worked for the AJJF since it’s inception. It is a great way to get to know a lot of different instructors and their point of view, etc. This design allows you the opportunity to get to know more of your community within DZR as well. Many insights are gained and can be added to your overall understanding of DZR and the AJJF for that matter.

The intensive has a different set of goals in mind however. One big difference is that one or maybe at most two instructors will lead the event for the whole time. This allows that instructor to dive much more deeply into material normally only superficially taught. Another is the notion that a specific principle or concept is deep and takes time to discuss and teach that principle until a deeper understanding is attained. Certainly all Black Belters as an example may already know something about a certain principle, but what the individual instructor knows about it takes time to convey. Their language, experiences, all these and more make up their understanding. So, to convey a notion thoroughly will take some time. The intensive affords that time.

The basic outline for the intensive is as follows:

Time management for the weekend intensive is as follows:

Examples of principles and concepts discussed and reviewed

We will be setting up the intensive to discuss and therefore enlighten ourselves to the specific and overall goals of DZR. Such as; Completion of character. What does this mean in the context of DZR. Terms such as: Satori, Shugyo, Ki, Shin, Kokoro, Aikyo, Kyoshin Tankai, Kotobu Chikara, Sutemi, Seifukujitsu, Kuatsu, Munen Muso, etc.

All of these are terms used by the founder Professor Henry Okazaki. These and more make up DZR and their corresponding meaning reflect very clearly, when understood, the goals and design of the DZR system.

Outings during the weekend event

One aspect of the weekend is the idea of going to special places in order to connect with nature. To get a strong feel for the vibration so to speak of the area and let it deepen your perception of our overall connection to the planet itself. To see the unity of DZR and natural forces all around us versus participating exclusively on the mat. We will do Chi Gong out there, meditation exercises and aspects of DZR such as Yawara and striking, etc. Always the emphasis is to explore into the meanings of the above-mentioned terms and then further connect these to nature herself and ourselves.

Meals during the weekend

It is my personal conviction that food should be a very important part of our shugyo, our discipline. While training is good for us there are the natural health ramifications such as inflammation etc. While Seifukujitsu is our primary answer as is rest, food is equally important as I see it toward our overall health. We need foods that nourish as well as restore our body and mind. Therefore we are employing a gourmet cook who understands health foods and will be making excellent meals that are going to be not only very delicious but very healthful as well.

Seifukujitsu and the healing arts of DZR

We will be spending ample time with the healing side of DZR. After every class we will do a shorter class on the healing arts so to balance the class structure. Both sides of the martial arts will be honored and developed. We will do not only classes but there is a massage room on the property with an enclosed hot tub so therapies can be administered as needed.

Guest quarters

We have a few places to arrange for sleeping. We will be making airbeds for about 4 or 5 in the Yurt itself. We also have a travel trailer that sleeps comfortably four. A Tent can be set up if desired as well as an in house room or two for married couples. Overall during this fall season comfort will be upper most for you and ample.

Getting here!!

We will arrange pick up at the Phoenix airport. Phoenix airport is 35 minutes from the house and is an easy trip to and fro. Southwest has great prices from anywhere in California to Phoenix. It is a non-stop flight for the most part and a short time as well.

So flying to Phoenix is affordable and easy.

Cost of the weekend

The cost for the weekend, which includes everything but your flight here, is $ 130.00 per person! Such a deal!! That covers 6 meals (gourmet I again add). Classes and sleeping arrangements on the property. That cost if 15 people come will cover expenses for the most part. At this time I am not making this a big money making venture. I may indeed in the future charge more if expenses go beyond what I anticipate.


I intend on hosting one intensive per quarter. So that works out to 4 times a year hopefully. This of course depends on demand and interest. Check the Training page for the next scheduled Intensive.

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