Camp Kodenkan South

Camp Kodenkan South has been a yearly event since the mid 90's and has been a positive draw for many Jujitsuka from all across the country. We hold Black Belt exams and many prefer the camp setting as a place to examine. Our camps also offer a unique setting where, for a few days, the participant does nothing but their beloved Jujitsu and related arts. Also, the feeling of community is very strong as new friendships are made and old ones renewed. A special, natural setting with fresh air and beautiful woods giving the experience a very fun and enjoyable flavor. Lastly, the instruction offered cannot be beat and the personal attention one receives can only be had in such settings. This is why most camp participants are repeat folks who come back each year to renew themselves and renew friendships. To have a leap forward in their Jujitsu from a concentrated event that enables them to progress greatly in a power packed two and a half days! We look forward to seeing you this year!

Professor Hudson's chop