JULY 29, 2017 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Join us as Pacific JuJitsu Kai hosts Professor Robert Hudson in a special day of Danzan Ryu focused on displined training aimed at your completion of character.

Topics Covered at this seminar:

“Maintaining Center.” Gaining a better understanding of your center will help you develop in the art. When attacked as an example, staying in frame/center when stressed, is the best way to maintain mind/body/spirit alignment. All action originates from Center and it is held even one’s awareness emanates from your Center. It is the odd principle that from this stillness all action originates. To quote the founder.....Within motion there is stillness, within stillness is motion....

During the clinic, you will learn how to develop skills to develop more stability in your center. To “remain calm under the upraised sword”. This will translate into many benefits in your Danzan Ryu practice and in your life. When you are stressed, you can use your center as a way to realign your mind/body/spirit. Developing an understanding of your center will give you the ability to generate power that you can use in your practice on the massage table, in the jujitsu dojo and throughout your daily activities.

There will also be time dedicated to cover specific healing Seifukujitsu protocols for treatments, including the use of liniments. You are welcome to bring actual cases you would like advise on and how to best treat using our system.

There will be a potluck lunch during which there will be a lecture covering some of the history and traditions of Danzan Ryu. The goal here is to provide a connection and continuity between the Martial art and the healing art. Not to forget also our place in time now. To discuss where our art is currently with taking the lead from that which precedes us.

Please bring a dish to share. Desserts and utensils will be provided. Also bring sheets, oils and tables if you have them. Oil and liniments will be available for purchase. No gi is necessary, but wear comfortable clothing for light workouts.

The event is geared for all levels and CEU will be offered for those who have been in the massage program.

LOCATION: Los Angeles Center Studios (Downtown Los Angeles). Pre-registration required.

TIME/DATE: Saturday, July 29, 2017 from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

COST: $50 pre-payment/$60 on-site (but must email first to hold space)

Bring your own bag lunch as we will have working lunch session. Also bring your massage table if you have one. We will have a social gathering to follow the class -- everyone is welcome!

Open to anyone - AJJF Membership Required to Participate.

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Please note: Payment via Paypal will be through sensei @
You may also pre-register by check. Email for details.

Professor Hudson's chop