When one trains deeply and with great focus and drive there are certain attainable mental/physical states achieved. These states are many and myriad and are named in the culture they are transmitted through. This transmission in Danzan Ryu is named Den or Okuden, meaning transmission of deeper truths or realizations. Fudochi is one such realization. Fudo is perceived in the west as a deity. But actually there is no such deity but rather a form that "Transmits" most effectively the perception of the state known as Fudo. Chi in this case refers to innate wisdom or one’s inner center where one truly finds themselves in a deeper and more perfect sense.

Fudo in general refers to a state of mind/body when known produces a mental/physical state of immovability, imperturbability. When combined with Chi or becoming Fudochi, one becomes rooted to principle and truth and one's innate wisdom so completely there is no moving you from that deep awareness of one's self.

Fudochi is a state where you train to the point that you find your innate and powerful center. In the finding of such a place there are many benefits thought of as attributes. These come automatically when in this state of Fudochi. Perceptions such as; A deep sense of clarity and purpose in all one’s undertakings. A soothing state of health comes as a result of finding our innate center. A peace and a mental/physical equilibrium or integration takes place.

In todays world as well as in the past mankind has always struggled to find a way to get through the day effectively. But not just effectively but vibrantly and happily. In a high state of health both mental and physical. All of these can be found when one attains Fudochi!

I chose the name Fudochi for the dojo I founded in Solana Beach, California in 1993. Come study at Fudochi Dojo with its current Sensei Peter Sweeny, Sandan. Sensei Sweeny is one of my students and I transferred Fudochi Dojo to him when I moved to Arizona.

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