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Professor Okazaki, the founder of Danzan Ryu, had a phrase on his dojo wall: Bun Ryo Bu, roughly meaning "pen and sword in accord". In other words, we must not only train the body through physical techniques but we must also develop the mind though study (among other things). In our shugyo (austere training), we train the body, mind and spirit. These are but one that we divide into three. We do this for clarification and our edification within the study of our chosen martial art. As the sword and the pen are one, so our body, mind, spirit are also one. Each side of our self must be developed. These articles address some of the concepts within the literary arts that go hand in hand with the martial arts and help us to complete our training.


When one trains deeply and with great focus and drive there are certain attainable mental/physical states achieved. These states are many and myriad and are named in the culture they are transmitted through. This transmission in Danzan Ryu is named Den or Okuden, meaning transmission of deeper truths or realizations… more →


Effortless Perfection

In our striving to learn Jujitsu there is a spoken and unspoken truth that we all desire to perform a technique with grace and fluidity, perfect motion. To also have a state of mind in harmony and awareness. Past Masters say that Martial Arts can be felt both… more →


When Professor Okazaki was naming his arts, he chose terms that would not only name the technique but would also define a principle or a hidden meaning within that technique. An example would be the art in Oku No Kata named Mae Yama Kage, which translates to “Front Mountain Shadow.” This name gives us an image… more →


Yawara as many of you know is the first set of techniques in the Shoden or beginning level of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. This list contains twenty basic arts that are thought to vary infinitely.

This article though is largely not on the physical aspect of Yawara. Rather, I wish to speak mostly about the internal or spiritual aspect… more →

Yugen in Daily Life

For many the term Yugen will be heard and read for the first time at this convention. It is a Japanese term used today mostly in painting and other artistic formats. This is largely because Yugen is a concept that some artists use to convey something in their artwork that reflects “mystery” or something unfathomable… more →

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