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Yawara is an ancient Japanese word that means to yield or to go around conflict. This is a principle of action, of mind/body integration or behavior. Interestingly, this principle may be practiced for a very long time and with great skill, yet if there is no mental understanding and integration of this concept, when a person is confronted with a stressful amount of force it is likely that they will respond in kind. This implies that yawara is much more than a set of physical techniques. It is a state of being and of personal realization and the mental side is actually more important than the physical.

Yawara affords us the opportunity to develop and maintain a relaxed mental climate by employing the basic physical principles such as leverage, fulcrum, and balance. In this way, we learn to use as little force as necessary to perform an appropriate defense. By going around conflict, we find a way to remain calm under the upraised sword. There are an infinite number of ways to deal with conflict by yielding, therefore we never have to abandon this principle and resort to excess force. We prove that we can resolve any problem, be it physical or mental, by utilizing the concept of giving way.

In this tape, we will cover the course of twenty basics and elaborate further with applications, combinations and other challenging ways to help you master this most significant list of Danzan Ryu JuJitsu.


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