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Dear Fellow Martial Artist,

I want to thank you for purchasing the Transitions DVD set. It was my goal in making these tapes to provide you with methods and techniques that will enhance your performance and successful practice of JuJitsu.

Today’s martial artist needs not only to perfect the techniques or kata arts but there is also a big push today to become more effective from a self defense perspective. I propose that self defense skills come from perfected kata. Furthermore, I've given drills to instill these principles inherent within the kata. Done with proper training, the drills within these tapes will go a long way toward giving you the self defense abilities you may need.

In the Transitions Set, I'm offering specific drills and concepts that will make your basic kata more effective. These drills will help you bridge the gap between kata and self defense function.

Regarding the larger picture, I included other practices that will have a positive benefit on your general health, mental equilibrium and overall outlook in life. Practiced regularly, aspects such as frame, extension, relaxation, etc., will aid in all aspects of your life, be it physical, mental or spiritual.

It is my fondest wish these tapes serve you well. I want to thank you again for purchasing these three tapes and do not hesitate to write or call me with your thoughts and or concerns.

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Professor Robert Hudson

Detailed descriptions:

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