Transitions—Mastering Ju

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If you are going down rapids and resist them, you may well lose your life, but if you go with the flow of the rapids, you will surely preserve your life — Professor Okazaki used this allegory to illustrate the principle of Ju, the art of yielding. Going with the motion instead of resisting it. Resolving conflict by going around obstacles instead of meeting confrontations head on. This is the key to success in JuJitsu.

The word Yawara represents both the concept of yielding and the fundamental course of techniques in Danzan Ryu. A strong foundation in Yawara is crucial to your development in the art. Cultivation of Sutemi is another primary way of attaining the ability to yield. Sutemi is defined as sacrificing your position in order to ultimately persevere. Your ability to Sutemi well will determine your success or failure in the performance and understanding of JuJitsu. The concept of Ju is further explored by the practice of Monshiai, which enables the practice of otherwise dangerous DZR techniques in a safe environment for exploration and application of concepts in a free play situation. Further, an important aspect in training is cultivating one’s inner strength, or Ki, in addition to general muscle and cardiovascular conditioning. Okazaki’s Kowami exercises are a basic starting point for Ki development, as well as physical conditioning to prepare yourself to practice JuJitsu.


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