Transitions—Mastering Frame

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“Remain calm under the upraised sword” — In his Mokuroku, Okazaki advised his students that it is necessary to acquire certain principles in order to be effective at JuJitsu. For instance, he emphasized the importance of achieving the state of “Kyoshin Tankai”, spontaneous and free movement both physically and mentally. We are all looking for ways to be more effective with our art. This tape addresses this concern and helps you achieve the conditions that Okazaki gave such great significance.

Proper stance is the first principle addressed in this tape. This simple, yet often neglected training gives you balance and correct positioning when executing techniques. This, in turn, leads to proper control of your arts. From this training you can achieve mental equilibrium, which is vital to success when all “Hell” breaks loose. JuJitsu is in the acquiring of your opponent 's balance while preserving your own stability. Problems with this concept are the root of many of the problems in being effective both physically and mentally. Without proper balance, learning endless techniques and drills will not give you the desired result of being effective and successful.

These fundamental concepts of posture and position are followed by an introduction to basic patterns and drills in Blocking, Yawara, Nage, and Shime in order to utilize and cultivate these principles.


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