Transitions—Mastering Attachment

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Once someone gets ahold of you, then never let them go — Professor Raymond Law’s statement illustrates the important concept of attachment. Once you touch someone or they touch you, you must never break that contact, it is your vehicle for sensitivity and control. By maintaining good frame and applying good yielding skills, you can utilize that attachment and you will be able to perform your techniques effectively. Successful throwing and pinning techniques must have good timing, speed and power, however, correct and proper positioning is even more important. If the connection becomes weak or compromised at any time within your execution of an art, you become vulnerable and can be effectively countered. Any gap or space is an opening for an escape or release. Therefore, maintaining a good solid attachment throughout your arts is crucial.

This tape builds on the important concepts of frame and yielding, and explores the idea of attachment in relation to the principles and techniques of Nage, Shime and the arts of Goshin Jitsu as well as additional combination patterns. Monshiai training is also further developed with the incorporation of Nage and Shime to the free play scenario allowing you to cultivate and experiment with the concepts taught.


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