Shime Te

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Shime Te are the submission arts of Danzan Ryu JuJitsu and involve taking the person to the ground and controlling them through a pin, lock or choke to create a submission. The goal is not to hold the person down as much as it is to bring a quick and efficient resolution by completely subduing the opponent.

The course of Shime Te continues to develop body coordination by incorporating other parts of the body such as the feet or even the toes to execute the techniques. In fact, it seems that we use almost every muscle in our bodies to perform these intricate moves.

As in the other courses, the mind/body connection becomes an important part of the art. Shime Te is characterized by the idea of rhythm, a flow that is unique to arts done on the ground. While creating a firm base, you must be fluid and agile. While sinking your weight, you remain light and ready to adapt and move as necessary. To be successful, the mind needs to relax and be aware of the surroundings yet be intensively involved in the execution of these complex arts.

The twenty-five arts of Shime Te cover a wide range of applications on the ground such pins, chokes, joint locks, arm and leg bars. This course completes the shoden and along with Yawara and Nage Te builds a comprehensive and thorough foundation for mastering the science and craft of JuJitsu.


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