Nage Te

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Nage Te are the throwing, or projection, techniques and along with Yawara and Shime Te comprise the shoden, or beginning transmission of Danzan Ryu JuJitsu. These are considered the “basics” and contain the very foundation of techniques and corresponding principles that define our system.

An important idea that is developed in the Nage Te course is Kazushi. While it is often thought of as “off-balancing”, the term Kazushi actually translates as “breaking”. This not only refers to the physical idea of breaking posture but also the concept of breaking the mind. For Tori true Kazushi feels like floating but for Uke it is more like surprised disequilibrium.

Equally as important is the concept of Sutemi. It is vital that as Uke you take a good fall, but more importantly you must integrate the mental framework of Sutemi into your arts. For example, many arts require counterbalancing motions where you must temporarily give up your stability in order to capture theirs. When you look closely at the concepts of Kazushi and Sutemi you find that they are far more synergistic than you might imagine. Both require you to think of posture as a fleeting state and to see the breaking of frame as an opportunity to be capitalized upon.

The Nage Te course of 20 basic katas is presented in its entirety along with discussion of the integral principles, key motions and advanced applications that will help you to master the throwing arts of Danzan Ryu JuJitsu


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