Massage Course FAQ

1. My Sensei has been teaching me massage, is there any reason to join the AJJF DZRSI program?

Answer; The AJJF DZRSI has always informed the AJJF membership it is not a requirement to take the programs offered. In general, the AJJF acknowledges that what is taught in a Dojo is the full responsibility of it's Sensei. The AJJF is a group effort so to speak where we all have the chance to learn from as many sources as we can in our learning of the Danzan Ryu system. This of course includes the massage program. The DZRSI has found since it's inception that most Sensei and black belts do not in fact really know in any kind of detail Okazaki's healing aspect of DZR. That being said this program offers the chance to dive deeply into this aspect of DZR like in no other way.

2. I've heard there are those who learned the full system from Professor Estes, or Professor Law, etc. So, why go to the program when I can learn the full system from them?

Answer; The DZRSI has found this to be almost totally untrue. Very few if any were taught all aspects of Okazaki's Seifukujitsu and that fact remains true today. This program was created to prevent the loss of this invaluable knowledge Okazaki was so particular to teach. This program when it was developing went to all remaining alive Okazaki students and gathered all we could from them to insure the preservation of this aspect of DZR. No one else to our knowledge has done so and those who did learn from original students only learned small portions of the whole teaching that Okazaki provided and required as well!

3. Why 500 hours? Isn't the first module at 150 sufficient?

Answer; Again, it is not a requirement to attend at all! Yes, 150 hours is indeed a great accomplishment! To put perspective on this. Okazaki did offer a certificate to those who graduated his program. His certificate was 1500 hours!! We are therefore short 1000 hours by his reckoning! We are doing all we can to remedy this and as time has gone by the DZRSI has been able to gather more knowledge about Seifukujitsu and thereby add more hours in an attempt to at least approximate the founders goals.

4. Why aren't AJJF Sensei being made instructors of the DZRSI so they can teach it to their students?

Answer; The DZRSI was commissioned by the board of Professors to run a quality program that could serve as a model for future programs within the AJJF. It certainly has lived up to that behest! The program can be taught by any AJJF Black belt in it's entirety. All they need to is fulfill all the requirements as set forth by the DZRSI and approved by the AJJF BOP. Like earning a Black belt, it takes time and commitment but it can be done and it is the hope of the DZRSI more will become instructors and teach alongside Jujitsu the AJJF Seifukujitsu program all across the country.

5. I am under 18 years of age, may I take the program?

Answer; At this time, you must be 18 or older to enroll in the program.

6. I have a degree in anatomy from a fine university. Can that training waiver any hours of the program?

Answer; Yes! In fact, we award to all AJJF black belts up to 50% of the program if they are qualified! So, as an example anatomy as mentioned. History and theory can have a certain amount waivered based on certain training. We have a criteria, please contact any standard committee member for further details or visit the AJJF website and go to the massage program for further details.

7. This program seems so much more expensive then all other AJJF programs, why?

Answer; The simplest answer right off the top is that the class takes place over several months and the basic module 1 is a total of 150 clocked and monitored hours. Next, the fee goes in part to the AJJF, to the hosting school, production of all class materials, sometimes guest instructors, etc. Dollar for dollar the AJJF program is not only vastly better then today's massage programs in terms of content and level of instruction taught, but is around 1/3 the cost nationally. A bargain by anyone's standards!

8. While it appears the cost is made easier to manage what about housing, etc., during the months of class?

Answer; Like all AJJF functions there are ways to cut costs. For instance some of the locals may be able to house a few people during the time of the course. Also, if that doesn't work for everyone, sharing a room at a local inexpensive hotel can reduce fees considerably. For some, the class is close enough to either go home or again, maybe a friend lives somewhere in the area. In the end we know you will feel it is money well spent!

These are just a few of the common questions that have been asked over the years. If you have any other question that needs to be answered in order to help you make a decision to join the class do not hesitate to ask me.

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