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Restoration Therapy

Though the term "Seifukujitsu" is largely unknown in this country, it is immediately recognized in Japan and Hawaii. This healing method is over 1200 years old and its practitioners in Japan are referred to as “doctor”. It can be translated as “Restoration Therapy” due to its emphasis on restoring the body to a state known in China as “Fusheng” or restore to normal.

Restoration Therapy has two goals:

  1. To balance the energy in the body (the "Ki" in Japanese or "Chi" in Chinese)
  2. To break down soft tissue areas of the body that have been injured to allow them to properly heal.

Professor Henry Okazaki was an early proponent of this method. He practiced successfully for many years in Hawaii. Many of his clients were celebrities from Hollywood, and even President Roosevelt came to him for treatments while in the Islands.

Few massage methods today have the range of therapies as does Seifukujitsu, due to its long history and development. In point of fact, to simply call it massage does not fully define it, as it is a much larger treatment method. In Japan it is a complete medical method.

For appointments or consultations:

Please contact Robert directly at 480-686-6118 or by email.

For the past few years he has also been coming to Los Angeles once per month to see patients. For appointments in the Los Angeles area please contact Hillary Kaplowitz.

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